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Выявление супружеской неверности

Identifying adultery

Life - a very complicated thing, which often gives us lessons. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But all our experiences affect our family. And when life begins black stripe (health problems, problems at work), the couple begin to drift apart. Initially, they begin to communicate less, not to swear...

Фото-видео наблюдение

Photo and video surveillance

The basis of any of the private detective is people watching. Indeed, any thought and planned operation is performed only after fully investigate the place. At the same time it is one of the most difficult duties detective. Anyone who is spying on the person must possess certain skills, because the object of surveillance should not know that he was being watched.

Проверка на прослушку

Checking for wiretapping

To date, wiretapping is quite an important issue. Privacy, important contracts, negotiations - it is confidential information, which many do not wish to disclose. How to determine the wiretap? You begin to notice the leak important information: Important contracts are broken, some people are aware of your life more than they should be.

Детектор лжи - проверка на полиграфе

Lie detector - a polygraph test for

In today's world rapidly began to develop a means of obtaining information. Therefore become increasingly popular use and protection of information that allow to control the work of employees, and the time to identify their dishonest intentions. One of these methods is to check on a polygraph.

Розыск людей

Search of people

The most frequently provided service detective agency is the search for missing people. Our agency is developing an individual approach to each order, thanks to this we are seeking people in the shortest line and provide full information.

Сбор информации

Information Collection

The most important part of a private investigator is to gather information. The first item in terms of any operation - the collection of information about a person. Without this, it is simply impossible to take any other measures. If you need information about your business partner, spouse, child or familiar...

We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.

How to check a person

In modern society, information - one of the integral parts of human activity. The 21st century is called " information " because the relevant information - a very important and expensive commodity .

Lack of information is a great way to manipulate . Dosage information helps build a picture of what is happening, profitable informant . It is understood that this is done with a specific calculation. Person who needs certainty about the data often require the services of professionals , since he does not have skills , time, and technical support. For example , the calculation of addresses at the phone number ( or another city Vinnitsa - does not matter ) - this is a very complex process that is not available for people without specific skills .

Our detective agency offers services in collecting the required information. Services collect information about a person include many factors . Our experts can get information that is not an ordinary person . Assistance to lawyers also check alibis included services .

Online dating service - peddlers of false and implausible data. Agents capable of penetrating a person to introduce you to the Internet. As specialists in our agency know how to check the fact of human marriage.

Legal entities usually require special treatment. The data collected in Vinnitsa , Ukraine and around the world is done through directories, media sites on the Internet and other sources .

Doing business always requires full awareness . Business owners - are the most frequent customers at our agency . Have information about competitors, suppliers , and other very important.

When hiring a good place , many candidates want to hide any information about yourself . To understand what that person is going to get a job , the employer must have accurate information about him as a person . How to check rights in this case? Our experts know how to find information about the way of life of this man , how to find criminal records or past jobs . For such information can be folded portrait of a potential employee. Besides, in order to protect their business is often important to learn about human relationships with companies competing .

Our agency provides services for the collection of information. When ordering services in our agency , you can be sure the data provided.


To be honest, hesitated - look to you to the agency or not. It all began at the moment when we began to swear much . On all sides to me fell the information…

Anonymous firm

My business requires a very honest and responsible employees. I often got into trouble because of bad frames . A colleague advised to apply it to your…


I was in a panic . My husband just took it and stopped to spend the night at home. He said that he met with friends, that they are having fun and nothing…

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Where to find a video surveillance specialist

Of course, when it comes to installing standard video surveillance in the home or in the office, there are no questions about where to look for such a person. But sometimes there is a need to establish video surveillance of a person or an object in order to obtain certain information.

Professional surveillance of his wife

Do you feel that your husband is hiding something from you? Perhaps she had someone on her side, which is most common in married couples who begin to face each other's secrets.

How to hire a detective for surveillance

Today even a child realizes that no one can cope better with photo-video surveillance than a private detective. But here there is quite reasonable question about where to find such a specialist who will perform the necessary work in accordance with all the requirements and at the same time and at an affordable price.

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