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Testimonials detective agency "Detective Honest Vinnitsa" guarantee an impeccable reputation



If I did not dare to ask you to the agency, most of all, I'd still be living with a husband who cheated on me constantly. Yes, the truth was very painful to accept, but it's better than living in ignorance. In the short time I was given a damning stuff. Of course, her husband, with whom we are already divorced, did not expect such a turn. You should have seen his eyes when I gave him all the collected material. Now I live on, and thank you for having saved me from lying.


I was in a panic . My husband just took it and stopped to spend the night at home. He said that he met with friends, that they are having fun and nothing more. At first I did believe , and the meeting went on and on . Naturally, I suspected that my husband was cheating on me . My best friend gave me the address and advised me to apply there. I listened to her advice and came to the agency. I was greeted like a regular customer , listened carefully , asked all the little things . I gave a small deposit and the investigation began . Less than a week later I not only learned that it was a friend (not his friends ) , but also recognized her name and place of work (all due to the high professionalism of the detective ) . I was very surprised by the speed and professionalism of the staff. Yes , the service was not cheap , but it was worth it ! How many nerves I saved just by contacting the " Private Detective Vinnitsa ." All advise as necessary to address it there. I was just in a panic. My husband stopped to spend the night at home. He told me that he drives to friends and they play paintball. I do not believe in it from the beginning , however , it leaves the house continued. In general, I suspect that my husband cheating on me . My girlfriend gave me the address and I will send you to the agency. You met me as if I was a regular. I made a small advance payment and the investigation has gone into operation. A week later I found out that my husband got his mistress . Also, I just found out who she was. I was greatly surprised by the speed and professionalism of the work. The service is , of course , lightly hit the pocket, but believe me, it was worth it . I saved a lot of nerves is addressed in the " Private Detective Vinnitsa ." I recommend that symbol.


During a trip with the family, we are in an accident caused by the driver's Audi. My car was badly damaged. Unfortunately, the insurance has not yet been issued, but the damage was quite large - in the best case, the money would have to save up for several months. A work colleague recommended me it is your agency. We will e went to you. Within a week, the staff found the witnesses and the perpetrator of the accident. Thank you very much, you saved a lot of nerves and money.


I would like to sincerely thank the staff of the agency for help in resolving the major issue. In court, I was given three weeks to establish paternity. This time there was very little, and I decided to apply it to you, because the Internet I have recommended your services. Your DNA experts have expertise in a short time (as little as 2 weeks!). In general, the court found my fatherhood! Thank you very much!

Ltd. Company

Before you sign a contract for a large amount of the merger, we decided to go check future business partners - we crept some doubts as to whether those are the people for whom they are. We turned on the advice of friends in "private detective Vinnitsa." In the short term have been investigated and we found out all the information about potential colleagues. After receiving the necessary information, we have seen the intentions of these people, and successfully signed a contract. Thank you.


Once again, convinced that the work should be given into the hands of these masters. I was very worried about my son. He recently often left the house, came in late, constantly talking to somebody on the phone. I began to worry seriously and decided to turn to the professionals of the detective agency. It turned out not so serious - sonny just preparing me for the anniversary gift.


Addressed to your agency, when I began to suspect that my car was bugged. Did not want to get into a situation, given that I have a lot of secrets at work. I decided to turn to the detective agency and has not lost - in the car really bug was fixed. Thanks for operational work.


Only thanks to your agency found a friend with whom he had not seen after mustering in '90. Your detectives found him in another country. Thank you very much!


Now I know, that Ukrainian detectives are the best! Thank you very much!


My husband and I lived together for a long time . It seems like everything was fine, but lately it has become very strange. He constantly went for some " business " late at the office , spending a lot of money somewhere . In general, I suspect him of treason . All my attempts to follow him were unsuccessful , and I'm pretty busy and does not have much time to constantly keep an eye on her husband . So I decided to see a specialist. A friend advised me to " private detective Vinnitsa ." I told all the employees , they said that everything would be in the short term . A few weeks later , I had proof that her husband 's mistress appeared . The bitter truth , but better to be aware of. Thank you for the efficient work .


For that year, I was anxious to get the car . On the Internet , after a long search, I found exactly what I like. The price was very low. It's great doubt - car cost an order of magnitude less than similar . Friends advised as a break on car theft, and one of them gave the phone to a detective agency . I did not expect that it's all done so quickly. For short term agency workers spotted the information about this car, and it turned out that he was listed as stolen . Spending a little on the agency , I saved a lot of money by not buying a stolen car ! You are the best , thank you!


I have been invested . Unfortunately, many companies instead of working honestly , are engaged in a real rip-off. I used to lose money, because I have them invested in companies that were initially only interested in getting money . I recently decided to invest big money in a start-up company . I took a doubt and I decided to check on the honesty of its founders . I was advised to apply to a " private detective Vinnitsa ." After a short period of time I got all the information - the company was losing money , and the owners were previously involved in a "dirty " cases . Thank you, that protected me from the embezzlement !

Victoria and Fedor

Recently we were leaving the cottage for a few days. Our son, a high school student stayed home . He is old enough , we were not worried . But we came home scared to death - the son was not at home , and he did not answer calls . We reach someone all day , but the sense was not. We went to the police , but there was no news . We have broken the head in search of his son. Friends advised us to turn to the private detective and we chose your agency . After a few days of our sonny found - as long as we were in the country, he and his friends went to another city and there they began to drink , and then remained unclear who . The guys stole everything of value that they had, including an expensive phone . Therefore, our son did not get in touch . Thanks for coming back to us a son.


My wife and I together since high school . I have almost everything: high-paying job , a big strong family and a nice apartment . Somehow I got the idea that would be worth to see people who have helped me achieve everything - from teachers and classmates. I decided to have a reunion . Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than I expected. My wife and I took up the search, but realized we did not make it. Then we went to the " private detective Vinnitsa ." Do not believe me , just two weeks later I had on hand were the contacts of all my classmates ! Thank you for a great agency !


I would like to poglagodarit the whole team , " Vinnitsa Private Detective " for their invaluable help ! I am a senior programmer at a large company and a few months developing a big project . Together with the values ​​had been stolen and my expensive laptop , which was almost all the important information - its recovery would take several weeks. The police said that the expected return is almost useless . A colleague advised to apply to a " private detective Vinnitsa ." I was told that they will do all that is possible . I could not believe my eyes. When I returned all the stolen items ! It turned out that the robbers had not yet managed to sell all the loot . I was shocked by such a brilliant result. Thank you very much!


I am very worried when I started receiving threatening letters to e -mails and phone calls from strangers. At first I did not attach much importance , but after a few days of constant threats began to fear . Ordering service detective agency , I have 2 days to learn that it's just a play about teenagers from the neighboring house. Thank you very much reassured .
I was very scared when I received the first letter with the threat of e-mail. Then we went to calls and messages on social networks. At first, I was not paying attention, but after a week of constant threats I began to seriously worry about their safety . I came to you in the agency and told him the whole situation. The very next day I was given the information - it appears that teens from next door just scoffed at me. Thank you very much , that have saved my nerves .


Most recently, my dream come true - I bought a rare and expensive car . I have long debugged her money and bought at the first opportunity . But my happiness did not last long - a couple of months the car was stolen ! I was really shocked ! My trips to the police and the insurance company did not give any progress . The car could not find. I am quite desperate and have been thinking about buying a new , though more modestly . But at some point, I came across a website of your detective agency on the Internet. Without hesitation , I called and described the essence of the problem, although there was no hope . You know , I could not believe it when a few days later my car was found. And thank you so much ! Thank you very much!


I live with my girlfriend for several years. But somehow, more recently , she had her suspicions in my infidelity. She was always jealous of me to my colleagues at work (I work in a women's team , so the reason for a lot of jealousy ) . Sometimes it's passed all the facets : she was checking my messages , read correspondence , will not let go unattended. I keep trying to convince her of his loyalty, but the scandals continued , exhausting our nerves and relationships. How long it might last. One of my friends advised to apply to a " private detective Vinnitsa ." Agents in a few days have provided reliable information to justify me in the eyes of my girls . We continue to live a quiet peaceful life . You can not imagine how grateful I am .


Contacted the agency when he began to suspect that my office can hear. I'm working on the job, implying a large number of corporate secrets, so it was better to be safe. A colleague recommended the "Private Detective Vinnitsa." Workers quickly checked my office and found "bugs." Thank you very much, if it were not for you, I could be in serious trouble.

Family Ermakov

A huge heartfelt thanks to the staff of the agency "Private detective Vinnitsa" for help in finding our missing dog! Nothing worked: no ads, no trips to the police. We're really desperate, but at some point decided to appeal to you to the agency. Now our Jack with us again! Thank you very much and good luck in your work!


I am a young promising model. I work hard and take care of myself. Naturally, this causes jealousy. Recently strange unfamiliar accounts began distribute lie about me in a well-known social network. I tried to argue with them, ask for a human being and even threaten - to any. A friend advised me to apply to your agency. Within a day the man who spread lies about me was uncovered. Now, my young men with him will understand. And thank you so much for saving my reputation - it is very dear to me.


At some point, our son Nick began to behave strangely - zakmnulsya in themselves, asked to be transferred to another school . We are greatly worried and have a bunch of head and share everything - from problems with the law before the drugs! But to constantly monitor the Kolej we did not have time - we have a very demanding job and two small children. A family friend recommended us your agency . We left the application, your employees have told the whole situation. A few days later we found out the reason for all of this - some hooligans constantly bullied our baby and took away his money . We went on that evidence to the police - now bullies will answer according to the law . Son, we did not say anything . We decide what is better that no one knows what happened. In the near future all returned to their seats - our son again goes for a walk with friends. Thank your employees for what they have done secretly. Now, if that - directly to you !


We have had a very unpleasant situation - in my house started to lose money and things. My son even though we live together, but I do a good enough job and we are in what does not deny . I have a sneaking suspicion that my son started taking drugs and now brings things to earn money for them. I decided to contact the detective agency . At my request the agency to react with understanding. It turned out that my son is a long time playing cards for money , and lost a large amount for a teenager . To cover the debts, he began to steal money from me and stuff. I paid the debt , and have a serious talk with her son . Thank you - without you I would still be a long Screw- self.


I have worked for many years at a high position in a large company. Very dear to me my job. Once I was set up. Forged my signature on important documents. I would in no case did not. Only thanks to you it was proved that the signature is fake! You have given me the good name and reputation! Thank you, you saved me!

Family Mosaic.

Our daughter at the school were asked to make a family tree . My husband and I remembered grandmothers , great-grandfather and great-grandmother . Everything. What are the relatives we had we simply do not know. We then strongly lit up the idea of ​​a deep family tree . A lot of money was spent on various fraudulent sites on the Internet, from which there was no use . On the advice of friends, we turned to the " private detective Vinnitsa " and started to work from the start. After a week of waiting we were given genealogical tree for 400 years! We were shocked ! It turns out that among our ancestors were very large figures . Thank you very much !


To be honest, hesitated - look to you to the agency or not. It all began at the moment when we began to swear much . On all sides to me fell the information that she 's cheating on me . I love her very much , and I too would like to believe it, especially since it went to a wedding. I read the reviews and decided to apply it to your detective agency . Your agents listened carefully to me sussed out some of the nuances . Indeed , it appears that someone wants us to quarrel . I could not believe my eyes when I saw the detectives provided by your report ! Thank you very much , I am so grateful to you !

Igor B.

I recently started very nervous . It started with the fact that I always began to feel that I was being watched constantly : in the car , at work , at home. I thought that I had just moved down from the roof of thought that someone might find out secret information about the work of my company. All the relatives were worried about me, I lost weight , began to sleep badly , I had dark circles under his eyes, I ate almost nothing . I am constantly haunted anxiety . My colleagues recommended to address in the " Private Detective Vinnitsa ." I decided to take a chance. You know , I felt really crazy when your employees with the equipment checked my office . I was just amazed - finally discovered that my office , my car and my house is crammed with a variety of devices wiretapping ! Thank you very much! You saved not only my secrets and reputation, but also my mind - that's to restore it would be really difficult. Wish you all the best and success.


Somehow I suspect her husband of infidelity. I'm a big fan of detective stories and still decided to actually go to the detective agency. Without thinking, I started to look for something suitable on the internet. Stumbled on your site, make a request. A few days later I had on hand were evidence of treason! Now we're getting a divorce - in such a relationship has no future. And I thank you for the saved time and nerves!

Family Lukinykh

We recently happened grief. Our youngest son was arrested on suspicion of robbery . We even could not imagine such a thing. Our son is certainly different violent character, but that is! ? And the company 's son was not a bad sort . In general , the police just found that to whom you can reset all the charges ! All went to the fact that his son could land for what he did. We immediately found out , it is better to do - all recommend us to " private detective Vinnitsa ." We ran to you. Your staff took note of the complexity of the situation and immediately went to work . We did not expect that in such a short time you will present us with evidence of innocence of our son ! Thank you very much!


I greatly love my girl. More life . We have been together for several years and I decided to get married. We love each other, we have a lot of interests. But it is not clear why I started to doubt whether it is correct to me. I'm already very jealous , but now I began to suspect each of her friend - I always imagined lovers and intrigues . Some people in my environment simply added fuel to the fire by telling various gossip . In general, everything was terrible quarrel only intensified . I even began to drink. My friends are very worried about me and one of them gave contact your detective agency . I decided to turn to. The agency I listened carefully and learned all the details. I was very surprised when I was told that the results will be announced in the near future . A few days later I got the result - proof that my girlfriend was faithful to me . It turned out that some of my surroundings just wanted us to part . Now I am sure that I can marry this girl . Thank you very much , you have helped me greatly !

Dmitry, director of the firm.

I have the company began to have serious problems, there were big holes in the budget. I decided to apply to your agency. Agency workers found that employees were stealing from the company. It was decided to test the staff with a polygraph. Of course a lie detector readings are not proof of guilt, but the guilty were dismissed. Unpleasant course. But thank you very much! Thanks to you, I was saved from the huge embezzlement.


I recently rested with the company over the sea. Almost at the end of the stay, I met Vika. And it was not just a fleeting holiday romance , it was the most that neither is true feelings ! Long ago I was not so good , I'm seriously thinking about the future. How could it hurt when I had to leave - at my firm had very serious problems , it was necessary to leave urgently . On the road, someone stole my phone (or lost - I do not know ) . What I just did not take - looking for dating sites, at affordable databases - everything just seemed useless. On the Internet I was advised to apply to your agency . To be honest , I did not believe that a person can be found, with so little information. But Vick found 3 days ! I immediately went to see her . Thank you very much , you just saved me ! Do not know what I would do without you.


Thank you very much for your help! Just recently I started sneaking suspicion as to what my son . He often went on all night , saying that he went to a club on the other side of town for work. He's my only son , and I'm very suspicious and troubled people. I always thought that the son is not really going to work , and hanging out in bad company , is using drugs or drinking and wasting your own time. I decided to apply it to you. It is because of your work, I made ​​sure that my son is actually working in the club, just shy to talk about their work. Thank you very much.

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