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Выявление супружеской неверности

Identifying adultery

Life - a very complicated thing, which often gives us lessons. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But all our experiences affect our family. And when life begins black stripe (health problems, problems at work), the couple begin to drift apart. Initially, they begin to communicate less, not to swear...

Фото-видео наблюдение

Photo and video surveillance

The basis of any of the private detective is people watching. Indeed, any thought and planned operation is performed only after fully investigate the place. At the same time it is one of the most difficult duties detective. Anyone who is spying on the person must possess certain skills, because the object of surveillance should not know that he was being watched.

Проверка на прослушку

Checking for wiretapping

To date, wiretapping is quite an important issue. Privacy, important contracts, negotiations - it is confidential information, which many do not wish to disclose. How to determine the wiretap? You begin to notice the leak important information: Important contracts are broken, some people are aware of your life more than they should be.

Детектор лжи - проверка на полиграфе

Lie detector - a polygraph test for

In today's world rapidly began to develop a means of obtaining information. Therefore become increasingly popular use and protection of information that allow to control the work of employees, and the time to identify their dishonest intentions. One of these methods is to check on a polygraph.

Розыск людей

Search of people

The most frequently provided service detective agency is the search for missing people. Our agency is developing an individual approach to each order, thanks to this we are seeking people in the shortest line and provide full information.

Сбор информации

Information Collection

The most important part of a private investigator is to gather information. The first item in terms of any operation - the collection of information about a person. Without this, it is simply impossible to take any other measures. If you need information about your business partner, spouse, child or familiar...

We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.


Detective Agency in Pogrebische 


Any one of us could be in a situation where just would not know what to do and where to call. But that no matter what happens in your life, you can always turn to the detective agency "Private detective Vinnitsa", whose members, regardless of the circumstances come to the rescue and help in solving any issue completely. Whether you have been a victim of fraud or you just need to make the collection of information about your potential partner, Do you have any suspicions for your faithfulness to the second half or do you want to perform an examination to determine the nature of the handwriting, call the detective agency in Pogrebische. 

Identify your husband's infidelity or your wife in Pogrebische 

Any wealthy man is constantly at risk of losing not only their business, but also a soul mate. After all, man has a lot of time at work to do everything necessary to ensure his own family. And no matter how old you are already together, one hundred percent can not be immune from the betrayal of her husband or wife. After all, it's not only men but also women, who are also often devote their regular time work and career, sometimes even forgetting that at home waiting for men and children. But our task is not to get into your family and solve those issues, responsibility for which rests solely with you, but do everything possible to find out if you change your favorite people, trying to make up for your lack of home. 

Identification of infidelity of a spouse can occur in various ways, and we always offer several options, of which you already can choose what is best to use in your case, just make surveillance or just to ask a woman about her lover while using a lie detector. Of course, even an innocent person in such circumstances do not always go to a polygraph test, and even more so he would not do it if the cheating husband or wife is really the place to be. And even if you have previously had any suspicions of infidelity for your second half, until you get an official confirmation from their side, we do not recommend that you file for divorce because of the betrayal of the woman or to take any other action in this direction. Only a professionally made ​​test of loyalty to our employees will be sufficient reason for your particular conclusions. 

What to do in case of surveillance of the man? 

lie DetectorWith this question, turn to us often enough people occupying a variety of positions. Of course, the majority - are heads of large companies and business owners. But if you have appeared at least some suspicions on the subject of that for you being photographic surveillance, then you should definitely call the detective agency in Pogrebische to our staff conducted its own investigation and found out whether or not your life infiltrated spies . 

Our specialists have extensive experience in the identification and removal of espionage. In this case, in addition, we can produce the collection of information about who and for what purpose it is decided to intervene in your life. as part of this order, we recommend that you at regular intervals check at the premises was carried out to detect listening devices. Even if our employees have performed in your office or in the house search for bugs, resulting in wiretapping could find mobile phones, an additional check, which is the better antiproslushkoy never be superfluous. 

How to find the address on the phone Pogrebische? 

One of the activities of the detective agency "Private detective Vinnitsa" - a search for people. And here we do not put absolutely no restrictions, as in any other of our services. If someone close to you has gone missing, do not pull on time and rushed to call us, so we quickly began to search for relatives, using its database of missing people and the resources of their colleagues. But even if your problem is not related to urgent matters, and you would just like to restore relations with the people with whom you have not communicated, then you can count on our help and actions aimed at trying to find a person by name or find a person by phone number phone. After all, we do not limit ourselves to search for people by name, as the telephone database are a great help in such matters.





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