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We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.
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"The private detective Vinnitsa" - private detective agency providing professional services in the winery and the region, in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

Our agency is the International Police Organization (IPA)

We have many links with colleagues from around the world: Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Many issues can be easily solved remotely and, when necessary, the detective can fly to another country.





The staff of our agency - it's the best specialists of the highest class , from operatives and private investigators to polygraph and psychologists. They are all the best specialists who are able to offer expert help in many situations. In addition , you can order services such as collecting the necessary information on business partners , warning surveillance of you or your family , the search for the right person.

Detective work thanks to the efforts of writers got a nice romantic image. In reality, the situation is far from that image. First of all , the workflow detective - a measured routine work that requires a lot of concentration. By the way, are often difficult and very dangerous - for your own safety, every effort is made .


We advise you in order to trust the detective services no less personal than a psychologist or a doctor - it will provide you the best result . Guaranteed confidentiality of information - the law for any good agency . Turning to our agency , you can be sure that all the necessary work will be done on the highest level .

Personal security will be provided to you in any situation. In addition, you can order a variety of services: reliable security for your business (check the staff and colleagues , advocacy, prevention of fraud and theft ) , safety certificate (if you need help to install the past partner - it is guaranteed to provide you with the protection of marriage scams )

Our detective agency provides parents with a variety of child protection services : guaranteed safety for the child - care of our detectives. There are also services for parents of teenagers : you can easily install your child's social circle , to prevent it from entering the group of criminals , drug companies and others under the influence . In the case when the child ran away from home , his parents will be assisted in the search. Once again we recall that in situations of the legislation , our detective agency works together with law enforcement.