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We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.

It is better to do than to promise" - our principle:

All-traded guaranteed to get privacy. The information is never transmitted.

Agency adheres to these rules, which are the credo of any self-respecting detective agency.

The agency never introduces clients to confusion about the future performance or results.

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Our detective agency - is the best experts : detectives , criminologists , private investigators , psychologists and graphology . They all - true professionals whose experience is verified many years of toil . Our detective agency guarantees a high level of professionalism, absolute privacy , maximum openness for each client with a personal touch .


Our task - to find the optimal solutions for your problems , quality care in the most difficult situations , preventing hazards associated with surveillance . Also, detective services include : the search for missing friends and relatives gather the necessary information about business partners , surveillance, fotonablyudenie , checking for placement within a bugging device , revealing the facts of infidelity test persons on a lie detector . A wide range of private investigators is almost unlimited . An important fact is that all the activities of our agency is performed in strict accordance with the principles of privacy and the rule of law .


Ordering our services of a private detective , you can be sure it's long experience of successful work in the investigative and operational units of the various intelligence agencies , as well as in the experience of his work in the field of activity , which has not every private detective. Vinnitsa or another city - it does not matter , because the work can be carried out in Ukraine. By the way , the cost of a private investigator does not exceed the cost of a different method of solution.


Private detective agency " Private detective Vinnitsa " values ​​impeccable reputation. Our specialists carry out their activities in Ukraine and abroad. Our agency has acquired a wealth of contacts in Europe, Asia, America , Africa and Oceania. This allows us to quickly resolve the most complex problems . In case of emergency services , the detective is no problem to go to the country you want .


Due to the lack of proper legislation in Ukraine regulating the activity of the detectives , we have registered the media. This fact allows our agency to carry out a fully legitimate investigative journalism .