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Выявление супружеской неверности

Identifying adultery

Life - a very complicated thing, which often gives us lessons. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But all our experiences affect our family. And when life begins black stripe (health problems, problems at work), the couple begin to drift apart. Initially, they begin to communicate less, not to swear...

Фото-видео наблюдение

Photo and video surveillance

The basis of any of the private detective is people watching. Indeed, any thought and planned operation is performed only after fully investigate the place. At the same time it is one of the most difficult duties detective. Anyone who is spying on the person must possess certain skills, because the object of surveillance should not know that he was being watched.

Проверка на прослушку

Checking for wiretapping

To date, wiretapping is quite an important issue. Privacy, important contracts, negotiations - it is confidential information, which many do not wish to disclose. How to determine the wiretap? You begin to notice the leak important information: Important contracts are broken, some people are aware of your life more than they should be.

Детектор лжи - проверка на полиграфе

Lie detector - a polygraph test for

In today's world rapidly began to develop a means of obtaining information. Therefore become increasingly popular use and protection of information that allow to control the work of employees, and the time to identify their dishonest intentions. One of these methods is to check on a polygraph.

Розыск людей

Search of people

The most frequently provided service detective agency is the search for missing people. Our agency is developing an individual approach to each order, thanks to this we are seeking people in the shortest line and provide full information.

Сбор информации

Information Collection

The most important part of a private investigator is to gather information. The first item in terms of any operation - the collection of information about a person. Without this, it is simply impossible to take any other measures. If you need information about your business partner, spouse, child or familiar...

We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.

Spotlight interview with a private detective agency from the winery


Today the market of Ukraine every year offers more services, which previously seemed to some exotic. Detective agency, and especially in the winery for many will be a kind of fiction. Some say that the services of private detectives can only be in the movies. And we say. the skeptics wrong, because in our area is very successful private detective agency whose services can benefit residents and Ladyzhyn. On our issues agreed to answer the director of a detective agency, Mr. Victor. 

Mr. Victor, tell us about your detective agency. 

"Vinnitsa Private detective" - private detective agency that provides professional services in Vinnitsa region, across Ukraine as well as abroad. Ladyzhyn Residents can also contact us. Our agency is an international police organization (IPA) 
We have many contacts with colleagues from around the world: Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Many questions can easily decide remotely, and when it is really necessary detective could fly to another country. 

Who works at the agency? Do your employees enough profession to ensure quality results? 

The staff of our agency - are the best specialists of the highest class from operatives and private detectives to a polygraph and psychologists. They are all the best specialists who are able to offer expert help in many different situations. 

Would you describe your work easier? 

Work through the efforts of writers detectives got a good romantic image. In reality, the situation is far from that image. First of all, the workflow detective - measured routine job that requires immense concentration. By the way, are often difficult and very dangerous to your safety every effort. 

What principles guide you in your work? 

We advise you in order to trust the detective service of not less than personal physician or a psychologist - it will provide you the best result. Guaranteed security information - law for any good agency. 

What services can benefit your customers? 

You can book services such as collecting the necessary information on business partners, preventing tracking you or your family, finding the right person. 
Turning to our agency, you can be sure that all the necessary work will be done on the highest level. 
Personal safety is ensured in every situation. Also, you can order a variety of services: security of your business (checking staff and colleagues, lawyers, termination of fraud and theft); security of marriage (if necessary to help you establish past partner - it is guaranteed to provide you with the protection of marriage scams). 
Our detective agency providing many different services to parents in child protection: guaranteed safety for the child - care of our detectives. There are also services for parents of teens: You easily circle your child to prevent it from falling into the group of criminals, drug companies and under different operation. Where a child has run away from home, his parents will be assisted in the search. Once again remember that in cases prescribed by law, our detective agency works in conjunction with law enforcement. 

Tell the police association. 

Foundations were laid IPA police officer Arthur Troupom Britain. It all started with Arthur's correspondence with colleagues, are in various states after the end of World War II. The main purpose was to exchange professional experience. Date of the official opening of the Association - January 1, 1950. Ukrainian section of the IPA joined June 6, 1997 in Quebec City (Canada). 
International Police Association currently the largest association of police of any country in the world, brings together more than 400 thousand 
International Police Association police officers from 64 countries around the world, regardless of language communication, employment, titles, philosophy, religion. Police Association is free of any other organizations that may not be combined with other groups. Doors open for the police association absolutely any country, does not preclude contact with local police forces in other countries. 

International Police Association scrutinizes police education in the world. A lot of research work carried out on various issues of Criminology, development and prevention of various crimes. Active promotion of increased use of the latest innovative electronics and science to solve crimes. 

How can you apply? 

Our city Vinnitsa, st. Maksimovic, 4 (office center "Logs"), tel 098 8867700 .. (24 hours a day without breaks and weekends). e-mail: vn.detective @ 
ICQ: 73265902 Skype: vi.detective

Based on the news portal "News Ladizhina"



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