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Выявление супружеской неверности

Identifying adultery

Life - a very complicated thing, which often gives us lessons. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But all our experiences affect our family. And when life begins black stripe (health problems, problems at work), the couple begin to drift apart. Initially, they begin to communicate less, not to swear...

Фото-видео наблюдение

Photo and video surveillance

The basis of any of the private detective is people watching. Indeed, any thought and planned operation is performed only after fully investigate the place. At the same time it is one of the most difficult duties detective. Anyone who is spying on the person must possess certain skills, because the object of surveillance should not know that he was being watched.

Проверка на прослушку

Checking for wiretapping

To date, wiretapping is quite an important issue. Privacy, important contracts, negotiations - it is confidential information, which many do not wish to disclose. How to determine the wiretap? You begin to notice the leak important information: Important contracts are broken, some people are aware of your life more than they should be.

Детектор лжи - проверка на полиграфе

Lie detector - a polygraph test for

In today's world rapidly began to develop a means of obtaining information. Therefore become increasingly popular use and protection of information that allow to control the work of employees, and the time to identify their dishonest intentions. One of these methods is to check on a polygraph.

Розыск людей

Search of people

The most frequently provided service detective agency is the search for missing people. Our agency is developing an individual approach to each order, thanks to this we are seeking people in the shortest line and provide full information.

Сбор информации

Information Collection

The most important part of a private investigator is to gather information. The first item in terms of any operation - the collection of information about a person. Without this, it is simply impossible to take any other measures. If you need information about your business partner, spouse, child or familiar...

We do our work for anonymous clients: service is available for clients incognito.

Private detective in Ukrainian

Private detective in Ukrainian


Photo: For the "half" keep an eye


Legitimate activities of the detectives on the Ukrainian land

Today, private investigators working in Ukraine in a rather interesting position. They seem to be there, but at the same time they do not have and they teeter on the edge of the law and the rule of law under the guise of registration as a mass media. But the fact that even such a legitimization of their activities is not a guarantee of the possibility to carry out the work in all directions. And to resolve this issue, you must take the relevant law.

Now there will be private detectives in the framework?

But for all the situation that currently prevails in this field, it is not necessary to say that the detectives Ukraine really work underground. The absence of certain regulatory aspects still does not mean that their work really is prohibited. Just in these conditions some kinds of services are outside the law, but no more. Anyway, that's what explains the arisen situation Lawyer Igor Malovsky. But at the moment the matter is under its active consideration and solutions in relation to the fact that the twelfth of April in the parliament was submitted a new draft law, which will regulate all the issues and points. Moreover, if before detectives could not conduct wiretapping facilities and to conduct surveillance, then after the law is adopted, the matter will be resolved. But here, it will be necessary to exercise some accuracy. If they will be able to conduct and record video, then access to the personal lives of others for them will remain closed. In any case, have to be very careful in religious and political matters.

Of course, the detectives do not expect all these changes with as much enthusiasm as it might seem. After all, from the very moment that the law will come into force, they will be under the watchful supervision of Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will ensure that the part of detectives there was no breach. Accordingly, any of the output of the border could lead to serious and most undesirable consequences. Vladimir Moysik himself, who is the author of the bill, believes that the legalization of private investigation will be to establish close cooperation between civil servants and representatives of detective agencies. It is possible that each division will be as mobilized in solving their business issues.

Services jealous

Given the fact that no one is responsible for the registration of organizations belonging to the field of private investigation, then they count as one does not. However, if you use anecdotal evidence, it becomes clear that the number of agencies reached more than two thousand in the whole territory of Ukraine. And what is important, each of them active and feels no lack of customers. To say precisely about who is drawn into the agency most often also quite difficult. However, according to the coordinator of the detective agency "Conrad" Osipov Conrad often come for help common people, individuals. And in services are dominated by the problem of finding people. But this search is not associated with those cases, which often operate law enforcement, namely the search for an old friend and first love, the search for the former husband or relative, which had never heard. Naturally, the police will not deal with such issues.

It is also very concerned about the people and the problem of change. But here you must be prepared for the fact that your question can be engaged in only a few hours and to solve it, and may spend several days or weeks. But the fact that the second half will be exposed, you may be sure. That's only necessary to prepare to address the issue of the order of three hundred and fifty dollars. As for locating individuals and there price ranges from 250 to 500 liters total. Services detectives do not apply to low-cost range of services.

But activity is shown, and business owners. It tells all the same Yuri Conrad, often entrepreneurs seek to hire a detective to expose a cheater in your company, or to reveal the fact of financial fraud, industrial espionage. Also, entrepreneurs are often asked to check out of a partner with whom had never worked before. In principle, all this is the right action, because it allows you to protect your own business. By the way, it is very popular in this area enjoys a polygraph, which allows for a few hours out of the entire team to identify the perpetrator of a particular incident. Price polygraph is a half thousand hryvnia. And if you decide that you need to inspect the premises to search for bugs, you'll have to pay not less than ten dollars for a study of one square meter of space.

With what faced the detectives?

Detective work is both dangerous and monotonous, and interesting. According Yu.Konrada in their practice were the most curious cases that really purpose you can imagine. Once asked for help a man who began to suspect his wife of infidelity. And this is not surprising, because the lady became very late to go back home, I began to wear jewelry that previously could not afford. Anyone in this situation suspicions arise. But what it was his surprise after detectives found out that her husband is not the opponent. In any case, his opponent was not another man, his wife and a business that she started a secret from everyone.

But detectives use the services not only to expose the already existing novel, but also to identify how much a person is able, in principle, to go for treason. To do this, arrange provocations. And one man or from boredom, whether out of curiosity decided to order surveillance of himself. Naturally, it is known that the detective was only after they tracked him. The other client sought to protect themselves against the penetration of spies in the team of the company and has hired a detective as a new "sales manager". But before the new employee to "do their duty" as head of the company decided to announce all the staff is not just that they have a new colleague came, but now all the ills of the perpetrators are identified and punished, thanks to collaboration with a detective agency. It's hard to convey that it was in that moment he felt a detective and this manual.

How things abroad?

But to understand what is really going on in a situation where the effect of certain law, simply turn to the experience of colleagues from other countries. For example, in Russia, the United States, Britain, India, Israel and some other countries such laws are already quite a long time. And if we talk about America, then there is the budget of these firms to fifty percent higher than the budget of the state institutions responsible for the tranquility of citizens. In Russia, once adopted such a law, once in the first two years to open about seven thousand new agencies.

When creating the article it has been used material of the detective agency "Conrad" ( and Article Anna Goncharenko, published in the newspaper "Arguments and Facts in Ukraine" №16 dated 21 April 10


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